Meditation with compassion – The New Indian Express

Meditation with compassion – The New Indian Express

Spirituality is the discipline which air-conditions the mind, so that it remains unperturbed and peaceful even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances. Meditation is invaluable as gold. It gives peace of mind, contributes to material progress, and leads one to self-liberation. There are some currencies which are valued and accepted in their respective nations only, and there are some other that are valued and accepted in all nations. But even in the case of such currency notes, if the seal or the number is erased, they are rendered valueless in their own countries. The case of gold coin, however, is different. Even if the seal is removed, its value does not suffer.

It is valuable always and everywhere. Meditation is like gold coins. It never goes in vain, and the benefit from it is never lost.

Not only as invaluable as gold, meditation along with compassion for our fellow beings is like gold with a fragrance. Often most of us try to befriend the rich and the powerful, the people who are more privileged than us. So also it is our nature to compare ourselves with others who are more fortunate. But that leads to sorrow. On the other hand, there are hundreds and thousands who are less privileged, whose suffering is far greater than ours. Why is it that we do not think about them? When we consider their miseries, we can understand that we are living in heaven in comparison to their world. If we, instead, compare ourselves with those who are more privileged than us, we become unnecessarily dejected.

There was a couple who had two daughters. Unexpectedly, the husband died. Thereafter it was by serving as a maid servant houses that the woman looked after her children. She would take the two daughters along with her to the house where she worked. The eldest daughter was disabled by birth. The owner of the house also had a daughter. This child developed a great liking for the disabled child. She would always talk and play with her. The father, however, did not like this behaviourof his daughter.

“If my daughter mingles with the servant’s daughter, will it not spoil her? What will my friends and relatives think if they come to know about it?” Such were his thoughts, so the father cautioned his daughter against mingling with the servant child. The girl nevertheless continued to befriend the servant’s daughter. Finally, the father thought of another solution.

He brought the daughter of one of his wealthy friends into the house, hoping that his daughter would make friends with this new girl. But, even though his daughter would now and then talk with the rich friend’s daughter, she continued to spend most of her time with the servant girl. The father then called his daughter and asked, “Daughter, don’t you like the girl I brought you?” The girl said, “Of course, I like her.” Then why do you still mix with the ugly servant child?” “Oh father, if I don’t love that servant child who else will love her? There will always be any number of people to love the rich girl.”

This should be our attitude. Love the poor wholeheartedly. Believe that it is your dharma, your god-given …….