House of Intuition + More Latina-Owned Brands Offering Meditation … –

House of Intuition + More Latina-Owned Brands Offering Meditation … –

As the new year begins cleansing or meditation  practices can help clear out any negative energy and help you on your healing journey in 2023. Luckily, many Latina-owned brands have created tools you need to banish bad energy from your life and welcome in the good vibras.  If you’re new to spiritual healing start with a simple Ametrine crystal from b.serene. If you’re a little more intermediate try the Incense and Sacred Good Box from The Flower Child Bruja. We’ve rounded up some of the tools that can you with your meditation practice all from Latina-owned brands so read on to find the best tools for you.

Palo Santo Holder from Luna Sundara


A Palo Santo holder is always a great addition to your spiritual toolkit and it’s one you’re sure to reach for every day. Handmade by local artisans in northern Peru, it features simple patterns that look stunning. Palo Santo has been used for centuries and helps relax and protect you during your meditation sessions. This item comes with five Palo Santo sticks and a bag for safe storage.

Palo Santo Holder, $24.99, available at

The Curanderx Toolkit by Atava Garcia Swiecicki


The Curanderx Toolkit includes herbal remedies and practicing rituals to help both beginners and experienced curanderas learn more about their ancestors and holistic wellness. You’ll get over 25 detailed descriptions of plants throughout Baja and Alta California. This book is designed to help you take your health and well-being into your own hands and become more mindful and connected to your spirituality. 

The Curanderx Toolkit, $28, available at

Meditation Care Package from Vibemade


When you want a little more help with meditation, this Meditation Care Package from Vibemade is a great option. With a moon charged Asha crystal mask, it features healing crystals for your corresponding chakras. Chakra stones are believed to purify the body, encouraging you to release negativity, with each one having its own unique purpose. The package also includes four floral smoke sticks made with dried sage and flowers. It’s definitely an investment but this crystal mask is one that will help you through a lifetime of meditations.

Meditation Care Package, $280, available at

Ametrine Crystal from b.serene


Choose this Ametrine crystal for your home. Ametrine is a powerful crystal that is said to relieve stress, boost creativity, heal the body, mind, and soul, and create balance. Use this crystal to go deeper in your practice and strengthen concentration.

Ametrine Crystal, $22, available at

Healing Hydration Tea Bath Bag from The Almighty Pineapple


Part of the self-care process often includes a bath to help your body relax and to give you time to disconnect. This Healing Hydration Tea Bath Bag from The Almighty Pineapple encourages you to slow down, reflect, and focus …….